Flexible Accounting Solutions

With over 20 years experience in accounting, we have the skills and knowledge to assist you in whatever area of accounting is needed.

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Call, email, text or any other form of communication convenient for you to send your clients info to us.

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Tracking Expenses

Be aware of spending habits and stay accountable to your long term goals.

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Flexible Options

Don’t want to deal with any of it, just need some training or is it better for you to hand off just a piece of the accounting? Either way, we are here to help.

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We can handle all of your accounting or parts of it.

Hi, I’m Cindy Henn, owner of Back in the Black Accounting, with over 20 years of experience in corporate and private accounting, I provide flexible accounting solutions for businesses. At Back in the Black Accounting, we have the skills and knowledge to help any industry. Your accounting system should not only do your bookkeeping, it should be a tool to help you manage your business.

We believe people spend a lot of time wearing all the hats in their business…

Wear the hat you want and hand off the rest!

Industries we have helped include:

Doctors, IT Companies, Restaurants, Multi-Marketers, Technicians, Retail Stores and more.


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